The aim of this intellectual output is to develop a training curriculum for youth workers who work with young migrants and refugees.

The curriculum content is based on the results of the need analysis research and survey. Training Curriculum and Materials are presented to the  target group during the Local Testing Sessions which were held as a 2-day event to collect the views of the youth workers regarding its content and based on their feedback the curriculum and materials are updated and finalized. The final version of the Training Curriculum and Materials was used during the Short Term Joint Staff Training Event for the training of the youth workers which was organized in İzmir, Turkey between 15th and 21st of April, 2018.

This Training Curriculum and Materials are designed to be used in training of youth workers and aims to increase their knowledge and competencies in helping young migrants and refugees. It is not prescriptive – on the contrary it is flexible and modular which means you can use it as you wish based on the training needs of your target group.

Who is it for?

We tried to develop a useful book for trainers of youth workers, social workers and youth volunteers. Anyone who wishes to organize trainings on how to help young migrants and refugees can use this book.

Why it is innovative?

There are different ways people interpret, organize and represent information which means that each person learns differently.
The training curriculum and materials are innovative because they are designed to address the different learning styles of the youth workers. Training materials are designed to suit 4 different learning styles:
1- Visual (spatial) Learners
2- Verbal (linguistic) Learners
3- Physical (kinesthetic) Learners
4- Social (interpersonal) Learners
Training materials, handouts and activities provide stimulating, thought provoking and interactive ways to teach each subject.

You can find more details about learning styles in Trainers’ Handbook.

The language versions of the Training Curriculum and Materials can be reached via below links:

Training Curriculum (English Version)

Materials (English Version)

Training Curriculum (Turkish Version)

Materials (Turkish Version)

Training Curriculum (German Version)

Materials (German Version)

Training Curriculum (Italian Version)

Materials (Italian Version)

Training Curriculum (Greek Version)

Materials (Greek Version)